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With my body, I will worship you.

Combining seven iconic playthings created to inspire playfully dark fantasy fulfillment and explosive shared pleasure, the Dark Desire Kit hails from the luxurious official Fifty Shades of Grey collection. Conveniently gift-ready, this lusty set  will thrill fans of the sultry trilogy, particularly those of the bondage-curious variety. 

Designed for both sexy soft spanking and more biting slaps, a classic satin paddle starts off the set. Featuring a smooth side and a textured opposite, the paddle's long satin cord can be wrapped for playtime safekeeping.

Silky and secure, the included bondage rope can be wrapped and knotted around wrists ankles and more, as well as fashioned into more elaborate restraints. The ultra soft polyester material won't pull at skin or hair and tends not to tangle. Set off the rope with a glossy length of bondage tape, another versatile restraint tool that can be used in a multitude of ways. The flexible tape sticks nonoily to itself and is extremely gentle to skin and fabric.

Next up is a classic bullet vibe, a familiar stimulator perfect for all sorts of pleasurable doings. The tiny size won't interfere with couple play, and it's great for solo enjoyment, too. Single speed vibration can be directed to clitoris, nipples, head of the penis and beyond. Vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries (included).

A petite butt plug shaped for comfortable penetration and effortless sweet-spot targeting is included in smooth, silky silicone. Slim at the angled tip, the plug gently stretches the anal opening to admit a supple silicone swell and slender neck.

Doing double duty as a wonderfully effective cock ring and vibrator shared equally between mates, the high end silicone vibrating love ring helps maintain his erection while effortlessly stimulating the clitoris or otherwise, depending on placement. Slip it over the base of the penis and position as desired.

Finally, a classic blindfold in soft satin waits to enhance the situation at hand. A must-have tool for playful couples like Ana and Christian, the blindfold adds exciting anticipation and an air of mystery to  to particular pleasure scenarios. Padded for comfort, this deep navy piece secures easily over the eyes using an elasticized strap. Fits most.

Dark Desire Advanced Couples Kit

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