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Q: Is it a sheer?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Will this material comfortable?

A: Yes, it is made of lightweight and skin friendly fabric, Comfortable.

Q: Is it easy to ripped?

A: It is durable &well made, and it washes well, will not rip easily.

Q: The shoulder straps are adjustable, correct?

A: Yes, it's adjustable.

Q: Does the color fade with time after multiple washings?

A: It would not fade, the material is high quality.

Q: Will it shrink after washing?

A: No, it won't.

Q: Is there a wire in the bra?

A: Yes, there is.

Q: Can I attach my own stockings to the garter?

A: Yes, the garters have traditional stocking clasps.

Q: How many items are included in the product?

A: It comes with 1 bra with choker, 1 panty, 1 garter belt and 1 pair of thigh straps.

#Washing Instructions:

Machine washable inside laundry bag.Do not use bleach soak, please wash in cold water.


  • abric type

    【Fabric】Sheer / Mesh

    Care instructions

    Machine washable inside laundry bag



    Country of Origin


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