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There's a pretty good chance that a) you would not be opposed to getting with Sasha Grey and b) the odds of that happening in real life are a little smaller than you may care to admit. So what, you may ask, is one to do if Sasha isn't available when the mood strikes? Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience Auto Stroker to the sexy rescue! This luxury masturbator comes complete with six tight gripping modes, passionate moaning sound effects and seven throbbing vibration options. Plus, you can enjoy it hands-free!

Impressively sleek and lightweight, the Girlfriend Experience is comfy in hand, whether that hand is your own or your partner's. If you (or they) are not in the mood to be hands-on, you're in luck! This classic hard case/soft sleeve stroker comes complete with a sturdy suction mount that you can angle into just about any position. Screw on the suction cup, press it against the shower wall, counter top, window, you name it, then lock it into place.

At the entrance, a soft mouth welcomes you/your lucky mate into a snug tunnel of beaded texture. With the touch of a button on a simple interface, those six tightening suction modes we mentioned activate. Another dedicated button cues up seven modes of vibration, which can be combined with the grip effect, or enjoyed solo.

Just in case that's not enough to take you flying over the edge, the Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience Auto Stroker is packing a very sexy audio surprise. A separate button starts up some orgasmic moaning, panting and oral encouragement courtesy of our girl Sasha. A pair of ear buds are included.

Rechargeable via USB and complete with padded travel pouch, the Girlfriend Experience is definitely portable and always ready to play.

When the fun's over for the moment, the clear TPE (elastomer) inner sleeve pops easily out of the plastic casing for quick and easy clean-up. The sleeve should be rinsed thoroughly (inside and out) using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. As for the sturdy plastic case, it can also be cleaned using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam/mist for good measure.

* The Sasha Grey Girlfriend Experience is 10.75"/27.3cm long and approximately 6"/15.2cm penetrable. The casing is about 3.76"/9.6cm wid

Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience Auto Strok

  • Special Features: Closed End Masturbator, Porn Star Mold Masturbator, Suction, Thrusting

    Product Size

    Orifice: Vagina

    Length: 10.75"

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