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A fantastically unique, incredibly versatile play tool created specifically to intensify stimulation during any number of erotic hands-on ventures, the Booty Glove offers its thick, exquisitely imaginative texture, supple, temperature-receptive surface and innovative penetrable opening to massage, just about any foreplay act, anal exploration pursuits and masturbation.

Fitting just as easily over the left hand as the right, the ambidextrous Booty Glove clings snugly to the hand inside, bending and flexing to suit any finger angle. A range of textures provides incredible sensations in, over and around desired body areas- the thick ribs and tickling nubs massage sweet spots effortlessly. 

When used for masturbation or as a hand-job helper, the Booty Glove's unique little opening between thumb and forefinger creates an exciting 'pop through' sensation as the ultra snug lips close tight around the shaft and head of the cock in question. That unrelentingly tight grip combined with a perfectly customized stroking speed make for a completely unforgettable solo (or shared) session.

In a soft, ultra supple TPR material that stretches intensely, guaranteeing a perfect fit, the Booty Glove is fantastically low-maintenance, sanitizing thoroughly with a scrub in warm soapy water. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Fits medium to extra large sized hands.

Sky Blue Booty Glove

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